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Introducing Interactive United States LGBT Rights Maps on Equaldex

By popular demand, Equaldex has introduced United States maps showing the legal status of each LGBT issue, in addition to its global maps.

You can now view the status of gay marriage, same-sex adoption, discrimination protection, the ability to change your legal gender, and conversion therapy.

The feature also allows you to view the most recent law changes for each issue within the United States.

Note that the data entered by users is still being verified and edited by users. If you see something inaccurate or missing, please sign up to Equaldex and contribute!

Since Equaldex’s launch in February, this has been one of Equaldex’s most highly requested feature. Last month, Equaldex launched a new interactive visualization of the global opinion of homosexuality.

Equaldex will soon be expanding to other countries. Which countries would you like to see added?

Try it out: Equaldex’s LGBT Rights Maps

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